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We LOVE these in our house! Sautéed with a bit of butter & sprinkled with the included salt, they are one of our families favorite snacks! Seriously delicious & so rich!
Ali Harman
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These are amazing and the perfect vessel for fondue!
Mia Lawrence
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Seriously the best vegan bread you’ll find out there. Great texture; great taste and guilt free. Love this bread!
Jessica Witte
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These are so good! The fact that they are nut free gives me peace of mind for my nut-allergic child. They’re a little pricey but worth it as a treat.
Bruce Hampton
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These buns are amazing! The only downside (which is also a upside) is that you can tell these are made with natural fresh ingredients because once you open the package the buns will get moldy in around 4-5 days after. I had bread last weeks without getting moldy and then I read all the chemicals I can only imagine how few chemicals they put in these.
Gordon Todd
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These are great buns for burgers and sandwiches. They're also delicious on their own. My kids put a little kosher salt on the top, heat them in the toaster oven, and devour them! Best soft pretzels I've found

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