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Our facilities are free from peanuts and tree nuts. All PRETZILLA® products do not contain tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, fish, and shellfish. Our products are also free from sesame and coconut.

As of August 2020, dairy and soy are present in our bite-producing facility as we begin production on new filled bites that contain them. The filled pretzel bites are made on separate equipment in a separate room, but they may be packaged on equipment that is shared with our non-filled pretzel bites. This means that our 2.6oz, 7.6oz, and 12.3oz PRETZILLA® Bite products are now produced in the same facility as dairy and soy. However, as always, we make a concerted effort to avoid cross-contamination and have strict systems in place for assessing allergens through HACCP and the FDA’s Preventive Control Program. All surfaces are washed and sanitized after each run of filled bites—a cleaning method that we’ve validated to remove dairy and soy proteins.

Please know that dairy and soy are only present in the bite facility. No products containing dairy or soy are produced in the facility that produces our PRETZILLA® Buns, including the PRETZILLA® Burger Buns, Sausage Buns, Slider Buns, and Dinner Rolls.

Yes! Our non-filled PRETZILLA® Soft Pretzel Bread is vegan, Kosher, and Non-GMO Project Verified. Our vegan certification comes from Our Kosher certification comes from Chicago Rabbinical Council: these products are also pareve and pas Yisroel. These products do not contain any artificial preservatives. Our filled PRETZILLA® Bites are not vegan, Kosher or Non-GMO Project Verified at this time.

Like most bread products, PRETZILLA® Bites are best warm: simply toast 4-5 minutes in a medium-heat skillet or 300˚F oven. 

For serving, PRETZILLA® Bites work great as a fun snack or party appetizer whether they’re served with dips (mustard or cheese are classics), as mini sandwiches (cut in half and add meatballs for sliders), or as something sweet (try drizzling with honey and salt).

Depending on the serving method, you may choose to add salt to your PRETZILLA® Bites. To apply, lightly moisten the Bites with water (using a brush, spray bottle, or your hands) and sprinkle immediately with an enclosed salt packet. If heating in the oven, we recommend adding salt before heating. Otherwise, you can still add salt afterward or without heating.

Like the Bites, PRETZILLA® Buns are best toasted, whether that’s in a skillet, toaster, or grill. 45 to 60 seconds are typically all it takes on medium heat.

The PRETZILLA® Burger Buns, Sausage Buns, and Slider Buns are great for burgers, sausages, and sliders as their names might imply. However, they also make great deli sandwiches for enjoyment throughout the year.

Look for the distinctive mahogany brown color with off-white ends! 

PRETZILLA® Soft Pretzel Bread is made without artificial preservatives so you should enjoy it soon or freeze for longer storage. The product is safe to eat through the sell-by date on the package (applied by the retailer), but the quality will always be best closer to the date of purchase. Freezing the product will preserve the product quality best longer-term.

To freeze, store in the freezer in its original packaging for up to 5 months.

To thaw, let packages stand, unopened, at room temperature for 1-1/2 to 2 hours.

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