America’s #1 Soft Pretzel Breads & Buns

Crafted with passion

From our bakery to store shelves

Welcome to PRETZILLA® where our PRETZILLA® Bakers are working hard, thoughtfully choosing each ingredient to create mouth watering new recipes and time-loved favorites. Our soft pretzel buns and bites are sure to delight, baked with premium ingredients and crafted with passion. Since 1923, we’ve held true to our founding belief that when you combine the best ingredients with the skill and care of creative bakers — well, the result is simply delicious. Enjoy now, or freeze for later.

Highest quality

From ingredients to taste

We are driven with a fire inside to honor the tradition and quality of bread baking and put it at the core of every soft pretzel bun & bite we makeFrom the moment you lay eyes on our soft pretzel breads, you are drawn to try it. Every mouth-watering bite delivers fresh, chewy, sweet PRETZEL deliciousness that’s been putting a smile on faces since 1923.


For us, baking is more than a job, it’s a real passion. Our dedication to quality shows in the care we put into every detail of our soft pretzel breads & buns for the past 100 years.


To deliver delicious soft pretzel bread, we use simple ingredients that never contain artificial flavors, colors, or high fructose corn syrup. Enjoy PRETZILLA® Soft Pretzel Bread anytime -- or store for later in your freezer for up to 6 months.


We're proud to say that we are the #1 best selling soft pretzel bread & bun brand in North America. Each soft pretzel bread type is crafted for the best flavor to elevate all food creations at home for our consumers.